Feel Good About Being You

July 22, 2007

Thrive During Adversity

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Imagine feeling hopeful.  Recall a time when you felt hopeful.  Notice how everything feels lighter, happier, joyful.  You feel hopeful every time you first THINK thoughts you associate with feeling hope, encouragement, possibilities.  So, remember, the power of hopefulness.  You CAN thrive during adversity by purposely feelng hopeful.

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July 11, 2007

Who You Think You Are, You Are

Imagine meeting you on the street.  Who do you think you are?  Are you someone with whom you speak respectfully and approve of at the same time you know you are unable to solve all the problems of all the people in the world?

 Are you someone with whom you speak lovingly and approve of at the same time you know you are unable or unwilling to even attempt to unrealistically fulfill the needs of someone else before fulfilling your own basic needs?

Whomever you think you are, you are.

July 8, 2007

Stay Focused On Your Dreams

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What do you desire at this very moment?  Is your destiny fulfilled? Do you feel personal confidence? Focus on thinking, imagining and FEELING the thing you MOST desire at this moment. Suppose it is simply to feel like you make a difference to yourself.

Recall a happy memory right now of someone you KNOW loves and respects you. Picture you and that person hugging. Feel the FEELING of that wonderful embrace. That person would only be hugging you because you make a difference to yourself AND that person. Whenever you forget how special and wonderful you are, do this exercise. It’s FREE!

Until next time, I wish you lots of hugs and happy feelings.

Meaningful Relationships

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Are you dating a man or are you married to a man who respects you? Do you respect yourself? If you respect yourself do you realize you act as a magnet for respect? Meaningful, purposeful relationships last a long time. Remember, you only have one chance at living your life in this body. Create happy memories which are the only “things” you can take with you to the other side.


July 4, 2007

Trust Yourself

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Do you like who you are?  Will you trust yourself when you say loving things to yourself?  Will you feel happy just for the heck of it today?  I certainly hope so!

June 26, 2007

You Are Special And Necessary

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The Pine Wood Derby is an event where dads and sons work together to customize a small block of wood with wheels and counterweights into a car.  After the car is completed, it must weigh a certain weight to be approved by a judging committee.  After all that is completed, the son and father get to use the car on a race track, competing with other cars.  It is a yearly Cub Scout event and the boys really enjoying doing it.

This one year our son had already finished his competition.  He came in third or fourth.  He shrugged off the race loss deciding that the sheer fun of competing was more important to him than winning the race. 

I watched a little boy, crying inside on the church steps.  This little boy had lost and felt a personal sense of loss.  I knew his personal value remained priceless at the same time he had to accept that for this one race, he had lost.  I went over to him.  “What’s the situation?”

His lower lip was out very far and he looked so sad.  Tears dotted his cheeks.  “I lost!”

I said, “Well, I bet you’re really an expert ball player.  Tell me what you can do really, really well.”

Still whimpering a bit he said, “Football.  I can really crush the guys.”

“Well, tell me something else you can do, you creative genius you.”

“I’m really good at jumping.  I can jump really, really high.” he said brightly.

“Well, now I’m really impressed to hear how smart and talented you are.  I bet you can even tell a pretty good story, too.”

“Oh, I tell the GREATEST stories.”

I said, “Wow!  Even though you lost this ONE car race, there’s always next year.  AND, you can already do so much.  Gee you are really special.  That sounds like a GREAT story to me.  What do YOU think?”

“Yeah!” he said with his best super-hero jump.  The little boy had stopped crying now and beamed.  He hopped up and ran outside. 

You and are like this little boy.  You are special and necessary.  Focus on what you CAN do and feel powerful.  Forget about what you are unable to do.  Maybe you’ll be able to develop that ability when you’re older.

Enjoy your day!


June 25, 2007

You Can Do It

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I’ve heard that the first thing monks do immediately after they awaken each day is laugh.  Laughing actually improves the immune system.  So, laughing is a great thing you can do for your body.

If you feel like you must confront a difficult situation this day, remember, you can do it!  Here’s a little hypnosis strategy to get through today’s challenge.

Inhale deeply, then exhale and relax.  Recall a funny, funny memory.  While you are feeling entertained and happy, use that HAPPY feeling and laugh about ONE detail of today’s difficult challenge.  Feeling the FEELING of happiness, remember that you CAN achieve your desired goal when you tell yourself, “Say something that improves the relationship for the other person and myself.  I’m looking for a common connection to genuinely and mutually benefit myself AND the other person.”  Then, laugh and feel happy that you are doing something that will improve the situation for you and the other person.

You CAN do this!  Focus!

Here’s a FREE gift for you if you will simply try the exercise I just outlined for you.  It is called the 1,2,3 technique.  A free copy of this technique waits for you if you’ll agree to opt-in and subscribe to my e-mail list.  I never sell your name or address.  I’m simply looking for women interested in helping themselves excel.  I intend to do future teleseminars and want to let you know when they will be.

Your copy of the 1,2,3 technique is waiting for you.  I eagerly await to hear from you.  My e-mail is  hypnoticbraintalk@gmail.com.

June 24, 2007

Free Hugs Video

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Have you seen this You Tube video?

I think it is needed everywhere.


June 22, 2007

How To Build Your Self Esteem

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Hi Fabulous You,

Why do you like who you are?  Because you can!  Remember that YOU are the boss of your mind, body and spirit.  If you’ve inadvertently taught yourself to dislike YOU because somebody TOLD you (probably as a child) that you were only of equal value to that somebody (for various reasons) when you let him/her bully you into satisfying his/her needs before your own basic needs, that is only ONE opinion open to you today. 

“Today is my day.  I am ONLY thinking FABULOUS thoughts about me and other today.  Thinking is FREE!  Today is the only today I will live today.  I’m choosing to think about something happy today AND “I’m lovable” is an acceptable thought for me to think.”

Remember, any thought you hear is an opinion.  Because your brain only works while your body is living, you create the thoughts you think as you go along your day.  So make up a bunch of really great thoughts about you and others and enjoy the peaceful feeling within!

Today (and every day) is an incomplete event until you start to DO something.  So, live the next second remembering that your personal value is priceless AND you also may be unable to be all things to all people AND you may be unable to DO all things people ask you to do.  So what?

“I am priceless AND I am without the skill to proficiently swing a blue umbrella over my head while wearing a tutu and balancing atop a telephone pole.  So what?  Who cares?  AND I’m lovable compared with eveyrone else because I SAY I’m lovable!”

Enjoy you today!

More on how the brain thinks at www.hypnoticbraintalk.blogspot.com.

June 20, 2007

Feel Good About Being You

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Do You Like Who You Are?  Great Because You Are Really Cool.

If you are one of the many women who have figured out how to live their fortunate life, why do you like who you are?  Because you have CHOSEN to like who you are.  You can think ANY thought you prefer to think.  So, you choose to like who you are.  Congratulations, you have left the victim zone.

Why do you feel good about you?  Again, because you can!  Feeling good about yourself is FREE to do.  Did you ever think of that?  AND, you feel a happy feeling, too.  FREE to feel happy?  Yes you are!Why do you esteem yourself as equally priceless when you compare yourself to others?  And the answer is…because you can!  Hey, this is better than taking a pill!  And, IT’S free!  You’ve got one life to live.  So, live it liking yourself. 

Now here’s a secret I’m sharing just with you.  I’m going to fill you in on this thing that happens, this natural thing that happens.  You’ve got to work with it and soon you’ll routinely develop the secret to happy life.

First, just to let you know, I’ve been a brain dialog researcher since about 1990.  So, I’m only telling you stuff I’ve learned and observed in clients.  I mean I TEACH people this stuff and it really, really works.If you’re interested in more of this really good stuff, you can read some books about it. 

First, if you’re a brain geek like me, you’ll love reading Ned Herrmann’s The Creative Brain.  You will feel amazed to discover how your brain works.If you’re a lighter-geek woman who still loves to learn cool science stuff, I also recommend Dealing With People You Can’t Stand, Dealing With Relatives (…even if you can’t stand them), both by Dr. Rick Kirschner and Dr. Rick Brinkman.  Finally, another book I recommend to my clients is Women Don’t Ask by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever.  These authors don’t actually come out and tell you BUT, these are BRAIN BOOKS.

 So, here’s some really interesting stuff all about you and me.From birth, your brain contains the equivalent of 4 living computer software program application programs.  I call them thoughtware programs because we activate/trigger the programs using thought.  Depending upon the ideas we think, we either DO or DO not acceptably value ourselves.  We think using instructions in those brain programs.  Briefly, the following dialog examples demonstrate how we think using our 4 inborn programs.  For the sake of clarification, let’s suppose you’re thinking about trying a new recipe for dinner.  You could think these sample ideas using your 4 thoughtware programs described below.  In this dialog you are talking to yourself through your decision process:

1-Using your lower left brain thoughtware program application program designed for us to control our ability to complete tasks… we can either inspire ourselves as we complete a task, or treat ourselves like an unreasonable dictator.  The thought pattern dialog you might think as you decide whether or not to use this new recipe for dinner could sound like this:

Inspiration:  “You can cook this new recipe.  Do it because you simply choose to do it.  First check and see if you have all the ingredients.  If you do, just cook it! 

Unreasonable dictator:  “You’re wasting time looking at this new recipe!  Run to the fridge and see if you have the ingredients first.  If you don’t, just make tuna salad. Hurry up.  There’s more work to do before you go to bed.  Get it done now!”Which dialog version would you prefer to hear to efficiently achieve your goal? 

2-Using your lower right brain thoughtware program application program designed for us to develop and maintain meaningful relationships and feel feelings… we can either tell ourselves the truth about mentally healthy relationships or treat ourselves inconsiderately and maintain unhealthy relationships.  According to the feelings we feel, within ourselves we will act considerate or inconsiderate.  When we interact with others, we can experience considerate or inconsiderate behavior.  The key is acknowledging that we all have basic rights that must be respected.  The thought pattern dialog you might think as you decide whether or not to use this new recipe for dinner could sound like this:

Considerate:  “Okay, I know I would like to taste this new recipe, but would my family like it?  Oh, what the heck.  I’ll cook it.  If he dislikes it, they can eat tuna.  You only live once!”

Inconsiderate:   “I have to think of my husband and my kids.  They don’t really like change.  But I would like to taste something different.  I’m feeling tired of my usual cooking.  But, what if they fuss?  Oh, I’ll just make the usual.  The stress is just too much for me to face hearing their objections.”Which dialog version feels good for you?

3-Using your upper right brain thoughtware program application program designed for us to act significant, creative and entertaining… we think up new ideas, need to feel appreciated and significant, can feel insecure, can act outgoing and entertaining.  According to the way we see things, we can think and act like we feel significant or insignificant creative geniuses.  The thought pattern dialog you might think as you decide whether or not to use this new recipe for dinner could sound like this:

Significant:  “How about if I make this exotic new dish?  New stuff will tantalize my taste buds.  I‘m up for a little exotic cooking.  I’ll make enough for the neighbors.  Hey, we could have a party.  That sounds GREAT!  I’m sure my family will LOVE this stuff!”

Insignificant:  “Nobody appreciates me and all the cooking I do.  Hey, maybe cooking this new recipe will impress everyone!  And, I’ll wear my new dress.  I hope that will get my family to notice me.”Which amazing dialog version makes YOU feel appreciated and significant as you hear it? 

4-Using your upper left brain thoughtware program application program designed for us to critically analyze… we can theorize or criticize.  Theorizing, we think in terms of possibilities. Criticizing, we point out perceived flaws but offer no solutions to improve a situation.  The thought pattern dialog you might think as you decide whether or not to use this new recipe for dinner could sound like this:

Theoretical:  “Rats!  I’m out of milk for this new recipe.  But, what could I use as an acceptable milk substitute?  If I do cook this new recipe, I wonder if I could simply use water?  Hmmm.  I’ll give it a whirl and see what happens.”

Critical: “What’s wrong with me anyway?  I can’t substitute water for milk in this recipe.  That won’t work.  OH, I just give up!”Which dialog version seems exactly the perfect way for YOU to think?Okay, so that’s all for this post.  I’ll be back later.  If you burn the dinner in the meantime, remember you are fabulous.  Burning dinner is just ONE thing you did today.  Remember to think about all the other GREAT stuff you did that turned out according to your preferences!  See, I told you were cool. 

Drop me a note, at hypnoticbraintalk@gmail.com or visit my other blog at www.hypnoticbraintalk.blogspot.com.  Or, if you’re getting married and looking for ideas on reducing your wedding day stress, check out a podcast on www.clickcaster.com/hypnoticbraintalk.  See ya later.  Susan

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